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Some topics we may cover:

*growing businesses, bridging seemingly disparate careers, developing an ecosystem that includes personal and professional values, goals, and supports


*developing a creative and/or movement practice (or recovering, evolving one)


*organizing and prioritizing a particular project, process, investment, feeling, or dream


*nuts and bolts of entrepreneurship, real estate stewardship, literary pursuits, somatic healing


*an opportunity to be present without an agenda! and to see what we see...   

Client Testimonials

"I just wanted to send a note to let you know how much of an immediate impact our conversation had on me, and then just an appreciation, separate from myself, as if a third party looking down on that interaction and gift and service you provide… it’s so incredible to see the way you navigate and lead a conversation. It’s one of those moments of seeing a human in their absolute element and doing something in a way that’s powerful and inspiring…  just like watching an artist at work." 

"I can’t tell you how much I appreciate the conversation we had yesterday… to go from having what felt like the beginning of a really intense spiral that evening and not sleeping well and waking with just, this numb heaviness and then to have our session and have you receive the messy combination of high-level and low-level, and tie everything together in such a thoughtful and beautiful and intentional way was so powerful and such a shift on my outlook on life"

"I had a lot of fear and sadness around trying to be present and appreciate all the wonderful things that come on a birthday and compartmentalize so that I could enjoy the evening I had planned with my friends but was so worried it would all feel so heavy and I’d just have to survive it, and after our conversation I felt so much lighter, and settled, and powerful"

"Thank you for the shift yesterday and for giving me a platform to start building on despite the update on difficult, hard things; I was able to show up in an authentic and positive way that led to just an excellent evening of dancing on the beach… it just brought a lot of joy, and I think it was one of my favorite evenings I’ve had here"

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