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jennifer azlant

creative caretaker

I'm most myself when in collaboration with others—evolving stories, developing careers, honing interests, speaking minds, releasing bodies, and deepening breaths.

I work with humans, stories, strategies, and as a poet, editor, and researcher; serve as a business owner, investor, volunteer, and godmother; and instruct yoga in group and individual settings. Reducing suffering, harm, and injustice is central to my core values and my multi-hyphenate professional identity.

I've spanned traditional publishing and tech/startup landscapes, managed personal estates and real estate, raised voices on behalf of podcasts, brands, writers, artists, and athletes, and promoted strength alongside mobility wherever possible.

Equally, I revel in athletic attempts and national parks; list-making, goal-setting, card-writing, and tailoring personalized book recommendations. A firm believer of neuroplasticity and the many shapes of resilience.

Appreciate you stopping by & sending word!

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